Enjoy a meal in the Bistro or order takeout

This Placencia restaurant offers beachfront, outdoor dining in the Maya Beach area on the Placencia Peninsula. Restaurant reservations are made online.


Q: Are you open for dine-in?
A: Yes, we’re open by reservation and you have the option to pre-order using the Dine-In link above.

Q: How do I order takeout?
A: Click on the To-Go menu link. Then choose “Pickup” and choose the date and time for your order. After that, choose your food and drinks, go to the cart to checkout, give us your contact info, and submit the order. We’ll ask for the date and time for your pickup. Once you submit the order and time, you’ll get a confirmation.

Q: Is your whole menu available?
A: We currently offer most of the Bistro menu of the past.  So we run out of things from time to time, but we try to update the online menu quickly and tell you in advance when your order is not possible. 

Q: What’s the food like?
A: Our culinary theme is contemporary Caribbean. Influences are drawn from islands and coastal areas, primarily from around the region but we sneak in some other ideas from time to time.

Q: I’m staying at the hotel. Should I still use the App?
A: Yes, please! Choose the Dine-In menu and type “Room Service to __________ Room” in the comments. Or as an option, come to the bar and ask a server to place your order. Either way, it’s the same menu. We can deliver it to your room or you can pick it up yourself.

Q: Can I see the wine list?
A: Sure! Our wine list is available at www.bistrowinelist.com.

Thank you for your business from the Maya Beach Hotel Bistro team!